9800 South 800 East, Sandy, UT, 84094

Safe Walking Routes

Zone 1

Students living east of 700 East and south of Sego Lily Drive will walk along their respective streets to Poppy lane (730 East) and Sego Lily Drive.  At Sego Lily Drive, students will cross Sego Lily Drive with the adult crossing guard and continue to school and cross Galena Drive with another adult crossing guard.


Zone 2

Students living between 700 East and 835 East and 9590 South to New England Drive will follow 9590 South to the opening of the school grounds at the northwest corner of the grass field area.


Zone 3

Students living on Galena Drive and Sunflower Lane will follow their respective streets, crossing Galena Drive, or Sunflower Lane with an adult crossing guard.


Zone 4

Students living on Meckailee Cove will walk north to 9400 South, then east along 9400 South to Poppy Lane and turning south walking along Poppy Lane to Emerald Drive, continue west along Emerald Drive to Garnet Drive, south to Onyx Lane to the opening of the school grounds at the northwest corner of the grass play areas.


Zone 5

Students living west of 700 East will walk on the sidewalk to their respective bus stops, if hazardous busing is available. If there is no hazardous busing, then they should walk on sidewalks heading to 9800S and walk east until 7th East.  Then they should cross 7th east with an adult or crossing guard. Then they should use the crossing guard at Sego Lily Drive and crossing guard at Galena drive.



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