What is SCC?

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Bell View Community Council (SCC) 
What is the SCC?
In 2000, the Utah legislature passed a law recognizing the critical role that parents and guardians play in the education of their children, requiring every public school to establish a School Community Council (SCC). Bell View’s SCC includes Principal Loran, two teachers, and several parents of currently enrolled students. The SCC has the responsibility to meet regularly, review school data, identify academic needs, set measurable goals, establish improvement plans, and evaluate the success of school improvement efforts. By leveraging the SCC, Bell View students benefit from meaningful community engagement and a variety of points of view.
How are SCC members selected?
Community members are elected through a ballot process administered at the school and teachers are elected by members of the school staff. There must be at least 2 more community members on the committee than there are school employees.
What are the major responsibilities of the SCC?
The SCC must: a) determine how the LAND Trust funds are spent, b) encourage the involvement of families in their students’ educations, and c) partner with school administration to create a safe technology environment and develop the digital citizenship skills of students. The inclusion of safe technology utilization and digital citizenship was added to the responsibilities of the SCC through the passing of HB 213, during the 2015 legislative session.
What are LAND Trust funds?
When Utah was granted statehood, large areas of federal lands were placed in a perpetual trust with the children of Utah as the beneficiaries. Revenues from these lands are generated several ways, some examples include: a) mineral extraction, b) surface use contracts, c) fees for livestock grazing, and d) leases for renewable energy. In 2016, Utah schools received over $49 million dollars through this program. Bell View received $27,995 to support student learning goals for literacy and math.  For more information about Utah’s administration of LAND Trust funds, visit: http://www.schoollandtrust.org/
When are the Bell View SCC meetings and who serves on the council?
The SCC meets at 10am on the first Friday of each month. Interested members of the Bell View community are always welcome to attend meetings.
If you have questions, feedback, and/or suggestions for the Bell View SCC, we’d love to hear your ideas and answer any questions that you may have about Bell View’s SCC. Please come to a meeting or contact us; each member’s contact information can be found at: http://bellview.canyonsdistrict.org/index.php/community/school-community-council