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These are a few of our favorite things...

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Looking for a way to thank your

favorite educator this holiday season?  

Handmade cards and heartfelt thank you's are a great place to start.  If you're looking for something more, here are a few of our favorite things...
Mrs. Eldridge likes chocolates, diet Dr. Pepper, nuts, and the color pink. 
Mrs. Howe likes chocolate, San Pellegrino, popcorn, and the color green. 
Mrs. Johnson likes peppermint salt water taffy, Dr. Pepper, popcorn, and the color red.
Ms. Luneke likes dark chocolate, kit-kats, twix, lime sparkling water, trail mix, brownies, and the color green. 
Mrs. Rock likes take 5 bars, Jordan almonds, diet Mt. Dew, and the color green. 
Miss Rodriguez likes gummies, Dr. Pepper, Starbucks, chocolate covered pretzels, and the color light pink. Unknown.jpeg

Mrs. Booth likes diet Coke, popcorn, coconut, and the color green. 
Mrs. Curtis likes chocolate, iced tea, cheetos, and the color dark red. 
Mrs. Bingham likes dark chocolate, Coke, salt & vinegar chips, and the colors aqua & pink. 
Miss Hennessey likes coffee, gluten-free snacks, and the color yellow. Unknown.jpeg

Mrs. Berg likes Swedish fish, red licorice, diet Dr. Pepper, chips and salsa, and the color red. 
Miss Templeton likes smarties, chai tea, pretzels, and the color blue. 
Ms. Matheson likes twix, diet Coke, trail mix, granola, and the color turquoise. 
Miss Mitchell likes kit-kats, Dr. Pepper, trail mix, and the color teal.