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Mustang Mail March 9, 2020

Bell View Elementary’s mission is to build a caring and safe community to foster academic success for all.


A Note from Principal Loran:

Report Cards were sent home with students Friday, March 6. Please let me know what questions you have or if you did not receive one.  

It’s Testing Season: How Can Families Help Students Prepare

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Third Grade Podcasts

     Our third graders are building their language art skills through podcasting.  Led by the technology-savvy Mrs. Bingham, the third grade students went out into the school to interview teachers, office staff, counselors, brain booster techs, custodians, and more.  Students engaged in meaningful dialogue about the community and current events within the classroom, school, and local community.  Interview questions ranged from favorite color to where the interviewee sees herself in 10 years.  
     After the interview, students used iMovie or GarageBand to edit their podcasts.  They added music and sound effects, such as laughter or applause.  They learned the fine art of fading voices out and music in at the end of each podcast.  
     Click here to have a listen! 

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