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Thank you for your continued support as we navigate the 2020-21 school year! Just as we started getting things going smoother, we added kindergarten! I have been in collaboration with our transportation director and Risk Management Coordinator to speed up our dismissal process. We appreciate parents posting vehicle tags in your front windows. If you have multiple vehicles that will be used, please notify our office and we can get you another! Please notify anyone picking up/dropping off regarding our procedures! Please allow openings for our busses to access the bus lane. If you will be changing the plan for your student on any given day, you must let the office and teacher know by 3:00 PM. Again, thank you for your patience and support, this will continue to get faster with practice.

New Bus Procedure: In effort to ensure all students are on the appropriate bus and dropped off at the appropriate bus stops, we have sent them with color coded tags. Please return these daily so our drivers can learn the routine.  

Morning Supervision: Our teachers and staff are planning and preparing for teaching your children in the mornings. We will have supervision beginning at 8:40am and breakfast available at 8:30am. No students should be dropped off prior to this time.

School Photos: We will have Eastman Adams Photography here Thursday, September 3 to take photos. Packages range from $10-$34.  Cash and checks accepted, credit cards online only.

  1. You may pay online at
  2. Click Online Ordering
  3. Enter the shoot key to prepay: 8RPE3J9L
  4. Keep your Order Reference Code

Online learners may come to Bell View October 8th, 9:30-11:30am for photos or call the studio at 801. 207.8240 to schedule an appointment.

A New Name for a New School: As most of you know, in the fall of 2022, we’ll be occupying a new school which will house both Bell View and Edgemont students. We’re excited about the safety and technology upgrades that a new campus will bring, and look forward to bringing these schools together under one roof. We’re also excited about the rare opportunity this presents for our community: The naming of a new school. The expected completion date of the new campus is years away, but we’ve started the rebranding process now to provide direction to the architects who are already designing the new building. Over the summer, PTA and School Community Council representatives from both schools met with Canyons District administrators — including Julie Winfree who will serve as principal of the new school when it opens — to discuss our shared history and values and brainstorm ideas for possible school names, mascots and color schemes. Two smaller Focus Groups made up of teachers and parents then created a shortlist of ideas for presentation to the Canyons Board of Education, which asked that we survey both school communities on their preferences. For more information about the renaming process, you can listen to a recording of the Aug. 4 Board discussion or view the Board presentation.  But, in summary:

  • Together, these two schools have more than 115 years of history to build upon, which helped with the branding process. At the end of the day, a brand isn’t a logo or slogan, it’s a belief, a feeling or culture. 
  • When asked how parents and teachers would describe what makes these schools special, they came up with a surprising number of shared values. They also made it clear that they wanted a new identity — something all students could be proud of and rally around. 
  • Geographic features emerged as favored names. The mascots proposed were chosen due to the appropriateness of their connection to those names.
  • Both schools have different shades of blue for their official colors, so the Focus Groups proposed two shades of blue, or blue and white. Both color schemes could include an accent color, such as teal or yellow.

I’d like to thank all those who were involved in this process including, but not limited to, the Focus Group members: Rachel Bingham, Bell View teacher; Andrew Edtl, Bell View SCC Chairman; Katherine Hughes, Bell View PTA President; Tyler Smith, Edgemont SCC member; Lori Salter, Edgemont teacher; and Hallie Wilkins, Edgemont PTA member. Next week, we’ll be emailing a survey to all families, inviting them to choose their favorites from the following options. Please take a moment to review them now and discuss them with your children and families.

Renaming, Rebranding Options

Bear Park Elementary: Big Bear Park is a place where the community gathers and feels a deep sense of connection. The park is located between the two schools, and families felt it would be a name that would bring everyone together. POSSIBLE MASCOTS: Bears or Bees.

Glacier Hills Elementary: Reflects the prominent glacier-cut canyons you see when you look east from both campuses. Little Cottonwood and Bell canyons were both cut by glaciers, which were the longest in the Wasatch Range and the only glaciers to reach the edge of what was once Lake Bonneville. POSSIBLE MASCOTS: Dinosaurs or Yetis.

Thank you,

Principal Loran

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