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Would you like even more ebooks and audiobooks at your fingertips?  Link your Salt Lake County library card or Salt Lake City library card to your student’s Sora account and s/he will be able to browse juvenile digital materials from those libraries.  Here’s how you do it:   

First, login to Sora here

Next, select the 3 bars on the upper right side of the screen. 

Then, select “Add a library.” 

Enter the name of any public library for which you have an active library card.  

After you select a library, your student will be able to browse all (and only) juvenile ebooks and audiobooks from that library.  Be sure to check a book out so that you can enter your library card and pin.  

Sora will remember that library card number and pin. So, when your student is browsing Sora at school, at home, or anywhere, s/he will be able to check out books from all the libraries you added.  

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